The Tree House Resort


The Treehouse Nests finely blend the comforts and luxuries of a five star room with nature in its pristine prime. Perched atop “ keekar” trees , the nests have several live branches running through the rooms making nature omnipresent in the Lap of luxury. Several winged friends visitors of all hues and shapes , chirp merrily outside the Nests’ windows to be Nature’s morning alarm call. All the Nests are A/C – heated , equipped with hot/cold showers, plasma LCDs TVs, Satellite TV, Tea-Coffe Maker , Minibar and wifi connection

Each Tree House nest is christened after a bird found in the area. The Nests range from one room , 2 room , 4 room and 5 room tree houses ( largest in the world) and the 3 categories of rooms are Deluxe Nest ,Luxury Nest and Private Suite.


Not only does the resort break away from the hustle bustle of the urban life and puts you in the lap of nature, if also offers a myriad of facilities to assure a complete experience for our guests.
Jungle Safari
Activity Room
Badminton & Volleyball
Bird Watching
Camel Ride
Nature Biking
Nature Gym
Outdoor Movies
Swimming Pool
Tennis Courts
The Billiards Room
Clicking moves right

Wine & Dine


An Amalgamation of Indian and World Cuisine

Bringing the finest delicacies, produced organically within the resort which are carefully picked by our chefs to make sure that our guests eat fresh and well


Savor a drink at the famous Peacock Bar, a 400 year old Mughal relic carefully restored and reinstated at the tree house resort.

Set Amidst the Cluster of Treehouse, this wooden bar dates back to the Mughal era. Every square inch of this medieval structure is intricately carved depicting mainly the peacocks and the elephants.
About Tree House resort :-

The underlying theme and vision for all the ventures pursued by SUMS Exim Pvt. Ltd. The owners of The Tree House Resort, The Nature Farms, The Nature farm’s Hill Retreat, Whispering Meadows Clubs & Resorts Pvt. Ltd.), has been to bring people “ Back to Nature” with the policy of “far from the madding crowds, yet not that far away”. A vision and journey pursued by people who have spent an entire life time with mother nature in the wilds of India and abroad. It was concerning to note that how far the urban dweller has moved away from the caressing lap of mother nature is astounding- the generation of future have grown without observing and absorbing the music of the singing birds, the seasons and

the reasons of the flowering trees, and the mother nature in all its beautiful vagaries. The concept of the “The Tree House Resort” has been inspired by none other than the greatest and the most original artist- the mother nature itself. To remove the urban bred straight into the forests would be doing a great dis-service to the cause of promoting nature. The idea behind The Tree House Resort has been to bring the tired urban mind, body and soul into the heart of pristine nature without taking away anything from them that has been part of their routine urban existence.

The Tree Houses are therefore a blend of modernity and comfort in the heart of pristine nature- air- conditioned accommodation, wi- fi, satellite televisions and plasma TVs, luxurious and grand living with all the trappings that one is used to in its urban existence- and all this atop live green trees. The Tree House are simply and literally – nests of utmost luxury. The modern comforts fade immediately in the face of the pleasure of experiencing the singing group of birds right outside your window on the tree tops, or the view of the enchanting blossoming of the flowers in all their hues. Not surprising that most of our esteemed guests have come to The Tree Houses and discovered “ nature” , and in turn re-discovered themselves. The modern amenities and facilities provided at The Tree Houses have more often than not, taken a back seat in the priorities of our esteemed guests. Almost all visitors yearn for more and want to return at the first given opportunity, and most do come back. Our hearts are delighted, and are souls are stirred to see the magic of mother nature re-establishing the bondage with its most versatile child- the humans, and the child in turn yearning to spend more time with its mother of all mothers- the mother nature itself. Our delight and joys, naturally knows no bounds to see the vision that we nursed turn into reality.

We are truly inspired by the response of all, without exception, to the call of nature, and are therefore more burdened to charter a new, un-ventured route in creating more of these unique “Oasis of Nature”. At the onset, many thought that our vision was nothing more than “ building castles in the air”, and it literally turned out to be exactly that- what else would you call these magnificent wooden structures called The Tree House Houses hanging from the trees. If one thought that The Tree Houses were an unique, most innovative concept in taking people “ Back to Nature”, then my dear nature lovers, please be ready for more surprises. Mother nature is caressingly guiding us to create a few more of these wonders, each uniquely different from the other, but with underlying theme of “back to nature”.

So, visitors to The Tree Houses, come, sit back, enjoy and get addicted to the beautiful drama that mother nature shall unfold before you. And we will be waiting to take excellent care of you whenever mother nature beckons you back to this green paradise called “The Tree House Resort”.

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Call us at 9811712093/9873932093
The Tree House Resort
A Unit of Whispering Meadows Clubs and Resorts Pvt. Ltd.
Nature Farms, Opp Amity University
35th Kilometer stone
NH-8, Jaipur

Far from the maddening crowd, and yet not that far away. It is ideally located at just half an hour’s drive away from the historical pink city of Jaipur on National Highway no. 8 and about 3 hours away from the National capital, New Delhi and I.G International Airport.

The Tree House Resort is just a 15 minute drive away from the historical Amber Fort and The Nahargarh (Tiger) Fort. An hour long drive from the Tree House Resort takes you to Project Tiger Sariska National park and the ancient twin cities of Ajabgarh and Bhangarh.

NEAREST AIRPORTS: Sanganer International Airport (45 km), Indira Gandhi International Airport (185 km).

NEAREST RAILWAY STATION: Jaipur Railway Station (40 km).

Environment & Social Change

Over 7 Iakh plants have been planted in the resort in last 5 years. Which has eventually helped in turning a barren land into a tropical jungle.

The tree house resort has earned JAL MITRA AWARD by developing means for water harvesting at Nature farms. The harvesting has helped in increasing the water table level, in turn giving the fellow villagers water to harvest for crops.

All the complimentary room accessories provided to the guests are all eco-friendly.

We champion the “one plant per guest “ cause hence promoting the need for green.

GRAM BANDHU AWARD - has been bestowed on The Tree House Resort for our efforts to generate rural employment and in improvement of general skill sets of the locals.

The Tree House Resort has rescued various animals and caged birds that are incapable of surviving in the wild.

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