Jeep safari

Tips :Jeep safari tour

An organised sightseeing tour or excursion in a jeep or other four-wheel-drive vehicle.

When going 4-wheeling, people can either go alone, or join up in a group. Groups usually meet up early in the day, at a certain location in the city. First waivers are signed and collected, then the drivers are given instruction and told to comply with any and all Bureau of Land Management regulations (i.e. stay on the trail, avoid walking on protected soil, etc.). Groups will then head out to the trails for the day. Once a group arrives at a trail, they will partially deflate ("air down") their tires to get better traction on sand or slick rock. Once the air down is completed they will begin through the trail and depending on the trail and the number of stops, it can take anywhere from a few hours to all day.

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