Jehan Numa Palace

Destinations : Bhopal (MP)

A 19th century Palace, Jehan Numa nestled on the slopes of Shamla Hill is set in five acres of lush green lawns & splashes of colorful bougainvillea. It is a superb example of a medley of British Colonial, Italian Renaissance & Classical Greek Architecture. The gleaming white façade has boldness & simplicity of style that is striking & exudes an air of timeless graciousness. The Palace was built during the rule of Sultan Jehan Begum by her second son General Obaidullah Khan, Commander-in-Chief of the erstwhile Bhopal state Force. After the death of the General, the Palace went through many occupational adjustments. Finally the grandsons of General Obaidullah Khan, Nadir & Yawar Rashid planned to convert the Palace into a World Class Hotel. This became a reality only in the month of September 1983. It was in the year 2000 the Palace was classified as a Heritage Grand Hotel to be the first of its kind in Central India. Luxurious rooms & all amenities befitting a hotel of its stature in India, the Palace now has 100 rooms. In the finest tradition of Bhopali hospitality, Jehan Numa Palace offers its guests a taste of royal living, luxury & extravagance that was once the sole preserve of Nawabs.

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