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NIGHT VISION OF SHIV GANGA RESORTaranasi, Benares or Kashi, resting atop the trident of Lord Shiva, is the oldest living city with multi-layered heritage and beautifully architecture long string of ghats washed by the sanctifying water of the Ganges.  At this holy confluence of Lord Shiva and the sacred Ganges, Shiv Ganga resorts has etched on identity as the first resort with superlative river side, world class style, services and amenities. Just a short stroll from the sands of Ganga and lo! you are in the realm of Shiv Ganga resort, complementing the eternal city by offering a gracious blend of traditional and modern living.

A few miles away from the din and bustle of the city, the resort with its marvelous river view and beautifully landscaped tropical gardens, is nestled in the natural surroundings of the quiet hamlet of Madhopur Kot, the site of world famous Shrine of SHOOL TANKESHWAR MAHADEVA (another name for Shiva). Besides the religio-mystical significance of this Hindu temple as mentioned in Purans, the topography around is untarnished by the urbanscape with no sign of pollution. Of course, the occasional sound of counch shells, cymbals and drum beats breaks the silence at dawn; while at dusk, the tinkling bells around the neck of bullocks fill the air with music. In the moonlit night, the placid surface of the quiet Ganga is disturbed by the oars making furrows. Enchanting spell of the countryside and the close proximity with sacred Ganga is just irresistible. Step into the amazing set-up of our premium holiday home and discover the unique nature of everything you have looked for in a country vacation on weekend getaway.

Give your odyssey the richness of memorable experiences by exploring the unique culture of the orient and regional tradition of art and music nurtured by the simple folks. Pamper your mind, body and spirit amidst the magic and tranquil poise of the Ganges and relish the best life has to offer in a city which is always pulsating with life and festivities.

Shiv Ganga resorts, simple the best address in the town!

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