Assam's history goes back to the ancient times. The base of this history can be found in Vedic literature, Tantric literature, Assamese folklore and Buddhist literature.

However, first reference of Assam is found in the epics and the religious legends. The Aryans belonging to the priestly (brahmin) and warrior classes found their way into Assam in very early times. Numerous places referred in the epics, like Mahabharata etc. are now identified with sites in this state.

Known as 'Kamarupa' or 'Pragjyotish' in the period of the Epics, Assam is inhabited by human civilisation since about 2000 BC. The people of Assam consists of the migrants from Burma and China. They settled in Assam after the mongoloid migration. Mongoloids came from Punjab through Bihar and North Bengal. Henceforth, Assam presents a blend of Mongol-Aryan culture. It is believed that, the early history of Assam belonged to be of the Varman dynasty. The reign of this dynasty extended from 400 AD to 13th century. Huien Tsang is said to have visited Assam during the rule of Kumar Bhaskar Varman in the 7th century BC. The Ahoms are said to have ventured into Assam in about 1228 AD. By 15th century the kingdoms of Ahom and Koch were established. This period witnessed a change in all the sections of life in Assam.

Ahom Kingdom weakened in the later part of the 18th century, due to internal conflict. The Burmese ran over the political authority in Assam, thus invoking British intervention to subdue the Burmese. After a conflict between the Burmese and the English, peace was regained by the treaty of Yandaboo in 1826. The British then set out to organise the administration, transport and communication. Besides the various changes, the British constructed the railways; introduced of tea plantation, discovered of coal and oil etc.. All this proved fruitful to the British during the World War II. In the post Independence period of India, Assam witnessed several separation of territories. In 1948, NEFA (Arunachal Pradesh) was separated. In 1963 Nagaland was separated. In 1972 Meghalaya and in 1987 Mizoram

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