The city of Gorakhpur is a wonderful place. It is an Indian city rich in cultural and significant historical importance. The city of Gorakhpur has many places to enhance your education and improve career advancement. The city of Gorakhpur is in the eastern part of the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. The famous Gita Press which publishes Hindu religious texts is located in the splendid city of Gorakhpur. Did you know that Gorakhpur is considered a religious center containing many historic temples and sites. The city of Gorakhpur is rich in history of the two major religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. Named after the ascetic Guru Gorakshnath a saint that popularized “Hath Yoga” a form of yoga which concentrates on mastering natural power. The Gorakhnath Temple where he perfected his art is a major tourist attraction in the city of Gorakhpur. The city of Gorakhpur is the birthplace of King Vikas Sankrityayan Ji along with many other great historical people.

Sharing a border with the prominent region of Nepal and holding the headquarters of the busy North Eastern Railways makes Gorakhpur a very active city. There are many things to do and see in the city of Gorakhpur. The vast array of places to visit in Gorakhpur consists of historical sites, entertainment parks, fantastic dinning, theatres, and many venues to shop and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city. The city of Gorakhpur has several parks and attractions where children can enjoy interacting with animals. Fountains and magnificent landscape make some of Gorakhpur’s parks a romantic getaway for adults as well. The city of Gorakhpur is a place of beauty and culture that everyone should explore. Gorakhpur has more to offer than many other Indian cities do. They have cyber café shops, variety of hotels, parks, small zoos, NGO organizations, medical stores, shopping malls, banks, and excellent colleges that most cities in India do no have

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